Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Big Day

I married the love of my life on 24th March. It was a stunning day. Having rained the three days prior we were very stressed about the weather but it was beautiful blue skies all the way on the day.  It was an afternoon garden wedding and the theme was country rustic.

My mother, along with her helpers (my aunties, mother-in-law-to-be and family friend) did a wonderful job of arranging everything for the ceremony. Mum really had a chance to exercise her stylist muscles, and I was so proud of her. I had been using Pinterest to show her ideas and the look I wanted for months. In the end, I left the decorating entirely up to her and she really did a stellar job.

She set up tables where the ceremony was and artfully arranged old items along with a chalkboard sign (not shown), gumleaves and flowers in bottles. There were old milk cans, boxes, cooking pots and cross-saws as well as a rusty kettle filled with gum leaves. We hired chairs for our guests and she put bows on them. The crowning glory was a garden arch, completely covered in eucalyptus branches and leaves. Everything looked amazing.

I also need to acknowledge the help of the men in my family here. They not only did all the heavy lifting and carrying, they made sure the lawn and gardens were neat, tidy and presentable. Not an easy feat on a farm where the gardens are mostly left to themselves for most of the year! My dad also painted up some signs for me on rusty corrugated iron – one for the wedding, one for parking and one saying “thank-you” which we will use for our thank-you cards.

My preparation began at 9am when I fronted up to the local hairdressers (Oakey Hair Designers, Bec took care of me). It seemed to take hours but I was kept entertained by gossiping with my bridesmaid and future MIL who were also there getting their hair done. I was extremely happy with the result – a slightly retro-glam look with loose curls. I thought it matched my dress well.

After that I headed home to meet the makeup artist (Catwalk Nine Mobile Beauty Service). Mine was one of four faces she would be making up that day and Simone did an amazing job of us all. A direct quote from my bridesmaid – “that woman is a bloody genius!”. I have to concur – I looked pretty darn great, but still like myself. I hadn’t wanted anything dramatic or over-the-top and I was very pleased.

We had picked up our bouquets and buttonholes the day before (Oakey Florist and Gifts) and I was simply amazed. My bouquet was HUGE. And they had done a great job interpreting my vague wishes of “all natives”.

Throughout, one half of my photography team, Sue, (Malmac Photography) was snapping away at our preparations. She was so much fun and as unobtrusive as possible. Down at the other farmhouse where the guys were getting ready, Sue’s husband Mal was joking around and taking photos too. These two were absolutely great and we couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of them as our photographers. Not only do they take amazing pictures, they’re lovely people too!

The day really did fly by. Thank god for the caterer, who dropped off sandwiches for us to nibble on as we went along. Before I knew it it was time to be zipped into my dress! I peeked out the bedroom window and was surprised to see all my guests had arrived without me even noticing! Pausing for a few more photos, my mum put on my necklace and my bridesmaid affixed my veil. And then it was time for the big moment!

We had decided to incorporate C’s truck as part of our ceremony. The truck is the reason we met and has been a big part of our relationship so it was important to us both to include it as the wedding car. My long-suffering bridesmaid squeezed herself in the back of the cab and I climbed in the passenger side. Future father-in-law had laboured for hours that morning polishing and cleaning it to make it shiny and bright. My dad drove it down the driveway of our house and about 20m to where the ceremony was! It was slightly ridiculous but C and I thought it would be funny when I could have just walked!

Then my processional music started and I didn’t even have time to be nervous. I tried to descend from the truck cab as gracefully as possible with everyone watching, no mean feat! I was acutely aware of everyone’s eyes on me. My dear dad walked me down the aisle and I was grinning fit to burst. I risked one glance at C but has to look away – I knew if I kept looking at him I would burst into tears!

And then we got married. I don’t remember much about the ceremony at all, except that the cows all came up to the fence to watch. I was looking at them over C’s shoulder and he kept giving me these puzzled looks like “what the hell are you grinning at?” but I couldn’t tell him! We exchanged rings as per our photographer’s instructions for the maximum viewing pleasure of our guests (did you know there’s a trick to it? I didn’t!) and then kissed! After that everything was more relaxed and we signed the register then strode down the aisle greeting our friends and family as a married couple.

Kids blew bubbles, my nanna wiped tears from her eyes and everybody hugged. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling. Family group photos followed then the bridal party went for our own photos. We went all over the farm – on the old farmhouse verandah, down by the windmill and old watertank, in the sorghum paddock… I’ll tell you what, I was pretty dry by the time we were done. Tip for young players: take an esky of booze with you. You’ll need it. The best man forgot ours!

For our very last shot the sun was just touching the horizon. Our photographer ushered us quickly into the front paddock amongst the foxtails and yelled “now kiss!”. And this is what happened:

Next post, I'll talk about our beautiful reception.

Processional: 'Prelude, From Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007' - J S Bach

Signing of the Register: 'Many Meetings', 'The Council of Elrond', 'The Ring Goes South' - Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack - Howard Shore

Recessional: 'Beautiful Day' - U2

Valentine Bride, Toowoomba


Aj said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Your dress looked beautiful and your flowers were great. We forgot the drinks when we had our photos taken too - luckily we were atthe powerhouse not in a paddock so we could easily source some.

Aj said...
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gnomeangel said...

OMG! The day looks perfect - that blue sky is amazing!

I love the theme of your wedding and it looks like it came together so wonderfully.

I really love the photo of the two of you walking back down the aisle with the bubbles - you look so happy!

We had Bach too - it's one of my favourite pieces and the cellist played it so well on the day. It's one of my favourite memories.

Love the sunset photo - just makes me want to go "Awww..."

Chantell said...

Awww, you looked gorgeous Sarah! And what a beautiful dress too :o) I love the rustic theme to your wedding, so natural and 'down-to-earth', which is how you appear in your blog :o)

You both look truly happy, and I'm really glad your special day went so well :o) Absolutely love all the photos, but especially the last one... ♥

Melissa {Suger} said...

WOW. This is soooooo beautiful. I particularly love your bouquet and dress. Sigh. Weddings are THE BEST.


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